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A Not-Quite Fairy Tale

The Rapscallion Princess

Once upon a time there was a princess. She liked princessy things, as most princesses do: ball gowns, tiaras, chatting up small woodland creatures and getting her shoes stuck in pitch on a flight of stairs with a prince in hot pursuit. You know, the usual.
But this princess was also different. She listened to loud music and belched in public.  She drank too much wine and slept in late.

A princess and her wine

A princess and her wine

On her bad days she could be cruel.  On her good days she could be cruel, as well.  To top it all off she was a terrible castlekeeper.
This princess didn’t like to do as she was told. She didn’t want to do what people expected of her, even when she knew that those people had her best interests at heart.  She made mistakes.  A lot of mistakes.  But even when she made the wrong choices she always hoped that she made them for the right reasons.  She was a rapscallion princess, which happens to be very fortunate for this story because, as everyone knows, they’re the most interesting type of princess around.