Doomsday Strikes Again

doomsday 2 cover

Ever since “Every Day is Like Doomsday” was released people have been asking me if there was going to be a sequel.  I mean, I couldn’t leave the story hanging right there, could I?

As it turns out they were right, I couldn’t.

Very soon Book Two of the Doomsday series will be available for your reading pleasure!

Ever since leaving the Villain Academy, Elliot Vane has lived a blessed life with endless money, beautiful women and new friends.  He has developed a talent for all things tech and has financial control over his own, small-time Villainous group.

His ex-girlfriend, Innya, has not been so lucky, and has spent the past three years as a prisoner of U.S.Government. But when a ghost out of Elliot’s past tries to squeeze Innya for information,  she realizes Elliot is in way over his head . . . Again. She flees to Italy to fight at Elliot’s side, bringing trouble on her heels.

Soon it’s all-out war between multiple governments and Villainous organizations, and Elliot and Innya are caught in the middle. Will they succeed in tkaing down the Established Villain hierarchy? Or will a threat from within cause their downfall?

Available on Amazon and Kindle here!



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