Dark Productions: Spotlight on Nguyen Dong


Part two of the Dark Productions team introductions takes us to the other half of our very talented artistic team, Nguyen Dong. I’ve known Nguyen for probably 25 years, back when we were both artsy high school students just trying to find our way in an unwelcoming world. And now we’re both artsy middle-aged people finding our way in a massively welcoming community of other artistic people.

Nguyen always told me that art is patience and practice, and I absolutely agree with him.¬† When I told him that I had more or less given up on trying to be an artist he told me it was sad. But it wasn’t sad for me, merely a shift in focus for my own creative endeavors: a shift from visuals to words.


hiraku1page0Nguyen is the creator of the comic Hiraku, an engaging historically-inspired story with breathtaking artwork.¬† But I’ll let him describe it in his own words:

Hiraku is “a 20th century tale in Hokkaido where a mute Ainu boy joins forces with a mythical fox girl in an attempt to rescue his Grandmother in the middle of a violent conflict between two distinct cultures, the Japanese and the Ainu.”

Volumes 1 and 2 can be found on his website, and he just started publishing volume 3 as a serial on his Tumblr page. Fans of the supernatural, and fans of comics that depict rich, multifaceted history will love this series.

Nguyen recently started posting  on YouTube showcasing his creative process. Right now there are only a handful of videos but his channel is growing quickly. You can get all caught up here.

On top of comics and tutorials, he’s taken keyframe and illustration classes with some of the best names in the business. These have given him a chance to explore and expand his already impressive repertoire.

Come on guys, it’s Thanos!

I am partial to this image for selfish reasons. Not only is it darkly romantic, it’s also a moment from my most recent novel, A Nice Place.

On top of all of this he creates collector cards for Upper Deck, hosts kitbashing parties, and posts all of his art on Facebook @NgyuenDongArtist, on Istagram @nguyendongdraws, on Twitter @nhoinla and on Tumblr @nhoinla.

Next up, the Dark PRoductions writing team!

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