About the Author

Born: San Diego, CA

Current living in: San Diego, CA

Hair: Yes, she has some

Eyes: Green

Breath (depending on the time of day and current activity):  coffee-scented, salsa-scented, wine-scented or vodka scented.  She likes to chew gum but can never find a pack when she needs one.

Education: Selena Jones did well in school, except  when Math was involved.  She and Math eventually parted ways and she went on to earn dual B.A.s in English and Theatre from San Diego State University.  Math became a CPA, got married and had  three and a half kids.

Work: Like most independent authors she has a day job.  Though it may be emotionally rewarding on some level she spends most of her time there wishing that she was writing instead.

Shoe size: 8 to 8 1/2

Favorite insult: Douchecanoe.

Passions: Writing novels and short stories (obviously), baking healthy treats that don’t taste like cardboard or dirt, spending time with her family, building with Legos (especially the Star Wars sets), playing the ukulele and practicing yoga.  She also runs the occasional half-marathon and cleanses her mental palate by writing and editing fan fiction.

Other information: She is lactose intolerant and has sprained her left ankle more times than she can count.



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