A Nice Place


To have and to hold . . .

After 13 years of marriage Olivia and Jake needed to get away from the drudgery of life in the city.  They needed to clear their heads, to talk, to reconnect. Ever since the world ended it had been tough to find time for those little things.

For better, for worse . . .

The plague had come in three waves that rendered most of its victims into red sludge, though some never made it that far. The survivors worked to maintain order in a world tinted by human ooze that fouled the air, water and soil. Then there were the others, those who reveled in the end times and rooted for the plague to come back and finish what it started.

In sickness and in health . . .

Will a tiny cottage in the mountains be far enough from the madness to revive their failing marriage? Or will they discover that souls at the end of the world are not worth saving?

Until death do us part . . .


This isn’t the story of the plagues that killed off two-thirds of the world’s population and left them as nothing more than pools of red sludge.  It’s not the story of the immediate panic, or the eventual infrastructure rebuilding.  This is the story of a married couple, Jake and Olivia, who survived the plagues and now must learn what it means to live and rebuild their marriage in this new world.

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