Dark Productions: Spotlight on Leen Isabel

dp_logo_500pixelsThe time has come to talk about Dark Productions, a little So Cal outfit I’ve have the pleasure of working with for the past few years, though our connection goes way, way back.

Dark Productions consists of two artists: married couple Leen Isabel and Nguyen Dong, and two writers: my brother, Cordell Falk and myself. Alone I like to believe we are forces in our own right, together I feel that we complement each other incredibly well. Honestly, these guys are so fucking talented I feel blessed to be able to call them friends, let alone creative co-conspirators.

So, let’s start at the beginning . . .and when we get to the end, stop.



pole-dancing-adventures-vol1-1Leen Isabel is the mastermind behind the insanely adorable, incredibly relatable, extremely popular web comic, Pole Dancing Adventures. (Wow, I really shoehorned in those adverbs, didn’t I?) She has two compiled volumes available on her website already, and is working on volume three, with the plan to have it ready for San Diego Comic-Con this July. In the long term, Leen and I are collaborating on an erotic fiction piece, so keep your eye out for that project in the future.

On top of her web comic, her art prints, her work with Girls Drawin’ Girls, and other side projects, she also finds time to cosplay (yay!).


pussy-strikes-web-6(I have this one hanging over my writing desk for inspiration.)


To keep up to date on Leen’s and Dark Productions’ upcoming projects you can like her page onĀ  Facebook at @LeenIsabelArtist , and on Twitter at @leenisabelĀ  and on Instagram at @leenisabel

Next in the spotlight: Nguyen Dong