Updates and Promises

Disclaimer: this is going to be long but I have included pictures so hopefully that will make up for it.

Hi there.

It’s been two and a half years since I last posted a real update. I even published a new book last year but didn’t update the site because I got a new computer and couldn’t remember how to log in. (Don’t judge.)

I’d say time flies but it doesn’t. It’s more of a grueling slog through rivers of tedium that, for the past two years haven’t been relieved by much writing of the creative variety. That said, I have not been completely idle and I knew that one day I’d come back and get things up and running once more. Before we get into new things, allow me to share what I’ve been doing for the past couple of years.

17202823_10155045796210629_1484896111017302868_nI turned 40, which was cool.  I still get carded, which is cooler. And I had balloons like this at my surprise party, which is the coolest.

I went to nursing school, adding a BSN to my dual BAs in English and Theatre. Somehow all of these things go together but don’t ask me to explain it.  Last Saturday, May 19th, I graduated and drunkenly walked across the stage and (apparently) pissed people off when I vehemently “noped” out of participating in the opening prayer. (It wasn’t a religious school and I had already had four mimosas and an IPA. Shit happens.)

32982074_10156356204258252_8222565762632515584_nI’m the redhead in the middle,being a happy drunk.

I planned a trip to Utah’s state and national parks and fell in love, even though it was 118 degrees when we were in Zion.  No, I’m not moving to Utah. I’m far too California for that to happen anytime soon, but I do want to hike all the things.

19875214_10155449806845629_1678207250059809589_nGoblin Valley is the most incredible, otherworldly place I have ever been. I want to go back and take my cosplays and do a bunch of photo shoots there BECAUSE LOOK AT THIS PLACE!!

Speaking of cosplay, I haven’t been writing all that much because school has taken up all of my brain and left me devoid of words. My creative outlet became cosplay.

IMG_5367Mizore Shirayuki from the anime “Rosario + Vampire”, which is wildly inappropriate and completely silly.  I love it.

20245718_10155505895550629_5725967090432844519_nHera’s Rebels season one outfit was the first cosplay I made 90% from scratch and the most expensive one I’ve ever made. I learned that pants are hard to make and though alcohol-based airbrush makeup works perfectly on latex appliances, they make my eyes water so much that all of the color washes off and I look like a reverse racoon. No, I did not make the lekku, because I’m not at that level yet. (If you’re looking to rock some lekku of your own I bought mine on Etsy from TwilekPam and they’re really amazing.)

32155008_10156297673460629_7102240749109903360_nMy newest cosplay that I am making for SDCC 2018 is Gaige the Mechromancer from Borderlands 2.  It’s an old game that I recently discovered and I’m honestly a little obsessed with it. I will be posting process pics and all sorts of tidbits for this costume, because it is 75% props. I LOVE making props. I also did a photo shoot at Vazquez Rocks with my lovely friends from Dark Productions (so much more on them next week because we’ve got exciting things brewing!)

And speaking of exciting things, it wasn’t a literary desert while I was in school.  I not only published a new book last year, but I also had signings and a book launch party at the best damn bookstore in San Diego, Mysterious Galaxy.

IMG_5369Book launch party for Doomsday Strokes Again January 2016. I didn’t sleep for days before this because I printed the wrong copy of my book and had to fix it. It all ended well, I think. (I miss my purple hair.)

IMG_5368Signing copies of the Doomsday series books (in costume!) at the Mysterious Galaxy booth at SDCC 2016.

coverMy latest book was published just in time for SDCC 2017. For a blurb and info, check out the book page.

Aside from graduation, most amazing thing I’ve done lately was cosplay as femme Han Solo on the red carpet at the world premiere of Solo: A Star Wars Story in Hollywood. Dark Productions has a great write-up here, so you can follow the link and read about our experience there and see all of the pictures. For a long-time Star Wars fan it was an incredible experience.

32332264_10106100625469511_6202494806254419968_nDo we look amazing, or what?

The was long-winded. I don’t apologize. I had two years worth of adventures to catch you up on. I’ll be posting more steadily from now on, including some old and new creative material. Next week, however, I will be starting with a foray into the world of Dark Productions next week. I hope you join me there. It’ll be fun.

I promise.

And it will  probably have more pictures, because who doesn’t love pictures?