New Shit!

I finally have a public Facebook page, which is super cool and stuff.  You can follow me there for booky things (and for timely links to happenings on this site)

At the risk of alienating family and friends who love me and support me, I’m going to promote some things here.

My next novel, “The Beginning and the End” (You can find information about it here) is currently available for Kindle pre-order and will be out on Amazon on 10/31/14.

In celebration of that momentous occasion, I’ve discounted the Kindle versions of my other works for a limited time (10/30/14 through 11/3/14 only).  (I love my readers) (#Yay!)

My debut novel, “Every Day is Like Doomsday” will be on sale for only $0.99!  Ca-razy!  Click here for the synopsis, if you’re into things like that.

My satirical biblical novellas, “A creation” and “A Garden” will be FREE!  Yes, you read correctly: FREE!  (These prices are insane!) You can find more info here and here, or you can just click the links and start your downloads. and

I am beside myself with anticipation.  I’m ending the year with a bang and next year I’ll hopefully have two brand spanking new books out.  (Hint: one of them is the much-requested sequel to “Doomsday”)

Yay books!